Non Emergency Stretcher Transportation

To make things easier for patients in emergency, the advantage medical transportation has framed the service of non-emergency stretcher transportation. When any of the family members, relatives and friends are in a need of medical assistance and unable to walk there, it provides them the best facilities to make a comfortable journey towards the hospital or clinic within a very shorter spam of time. Advantage Medical Transportation relocates the loved one’s belongings to assisted living facilities, health service, nursing homes, rehab centres or back home.
Even more it aids with nursing homes and cab facilities which will be arranged to reach there by the very next moment only. The main objective is to provide persons seeking non-emergency medical transportation an alternative to the unnecessarily high costs of long distance ambulance or air medical transportation. It can be known as one of the happy medium between emergency medical transportation and non-medical transportation services. In addition to wheelchair transportation services, it also provides group outings, specialty ambulatory and paediatric transports, and stretcher chair transport, which is a low-cost alternative to the more expensive ambulance services.


  Transportation services assists the patient requiring non-emergency medical transportation to physician offices, medical centres, nursing home facilities, dialysis, and radiology etc.
  Stretchers are primarily used in the out-of-hospital care situations by emergency medical services military, and search and rescue personnel.
  As a specialist in non-emergency medical transportation services, Medical Transportation help has the necessary knowledge and skill to provide quality non-emergency medical transportation.
  Advantage Medical Transportation is trustworthy as it will get the patient or the loved ones to their destination safely.
  The goal is to maintain a high level of care for clients throughout the transportation experience.